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H.O.P.E. is an inspirational book that explores the many facets of what it means to be a Christian today, detailing the times God can support our endeavors, heal our deepest wounds, and work miracles before our very eyes. Helen Bell provides readers with seven personal stories ranging from an authentic account of what happened when she questioned the Lord, to trusting God when a beloved child became deathly ill, to believing how God’s timing has always been the best timing (even if it took her several years to realize it). With well-chosen scriptures throughout and a reflective question-and-answer design at the end of each chapter, Bell’s H.O.P.E. will entertain, enlighten, and help every person who reads it to grow closer to the Lord. 

About the Author

Best-selling author Helen Bell has been a Christian for over two decades, and during that time has witnessed miracles, experienced God’s healing, and weathered many trials that tested her faith in every way imaginable. She is a wife and mother of four children residing in Phoenix, Arizona.   

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What People Are Saying

 "I love the short stories and the reflection questions at the end. It's very easy to read and follow. Never was I bored." - Amazon customer  

"The author takes you through a journey of forgiveness, faith, hope and trust even through the worst of circumstances. This book is a must read in life today no matter where you are at in your relationship with God!!" - Amazon customer

"Mrs. Bell holds our interest as she walks us through several harrowing, suspenseful, and threatening episodes in the life of her family. She makes it crystal clear that her faith was and is an ever present and vital companion on her journey. Never, in this very personal narrative, does the reader feel her saying, "Look at me." Rather, she shows us again and again that her emphasis is, "Look at God." Her message is indeed vital for "people everywhere" in these uncertain times. One can't help but hope for more." - Amazon customer 

"Such a lovely book which shows that it is not how many times you fall, but how many times God is there to lift you up and give you hope. If one just lets go and lets God, the path opens before you." - Amazon customer 


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